We offer a complete range of Solar PV Powered Systems to suit every household and
business. We provide great quality, high efficiency, and bespoke solar powered systems. We have formed relationships with a number of market leading manufacturers to achieve this mileage.

We offer designs, installation, testing and commissioning services of very high quality
renewable and sustainable energy efficient technologies, for homes, businesses and rural off-grid energy users.

We are committed to the development of renewable energy and its promotion as a source of clean, reliable and sustainable energy. As such we work together with leading market players and agencies where possible, to provide power alternatives and promote Eco-friendly

We make switching to solar easy, lets show you how.

Solar Power For Your Home

Going Solar has great benefits for African households. Choose one of our attractive solar home solutions for your home..

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Solar For Business

Powering your business on Solar slashes the cost of energy required to run your business! Find out how your business can benefit from switching to solar energy.

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Solar For Rural Electrification

Now, solar power can be harnessed and used to electrify rural areas.

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