Outright Payment

We offer one of the most pocket-friendly and cost effective solutions for solar installs. By
developing and installing the highest quality systems with proven durability to our
customers, and in addition help them secure a new solar system installation with up to 5% discount on outright payment.

Lease To Own

We have partnered with some institutions to avail consumer credit to clients who need our services. More so, cooperative societies that has the option of paying off the cost of the entire system for their members, while they make repayment over a longer period of time.

Pay As You Save

At Astrum Energy we understand that the people that need solar the most are usually the ones that are unable to afford it. Our PaySave repayment plan is an innovative award winning way for purchasing solar. We aim to match your weekly repayments for your solar system with your weekly savings on your generator expense. We offer up to 70% finance, so as little as 30% upfront payments are necessary and no Interest charged. The beauty of the Pay As You Save scheme is that it is custom designed and fully tailored to your usage.

If you spend N2000 per day to fuel your generator for 6-8 hours power, we will advise a plan where you pay not more than 50% upfront cost and the rest repayment is tailored to pay for your system with up to a 24/7 supply at the same rate of N2000 per day over a maximum period of 24 months. The later also depends on the loan balance.

At the end of the repayment plan the money that you have used to pay for your solar system is money that would have gone in purchase of fuel for your generator. Once the repayments have finished, you own your system outright and you are still saving N2000 per day which is over N700,000 per year.

With as little as 30% upfront deposit necessary, there is absolutely no better way of going solar.

What does this mean?

Pay As You Go

We have customised a pay-as-you-go solar power rental system, that will enable our end users particulary the rural dwellers, the opportunity to rent power as they need or pay for a solar package over a lonager period of time. Thus, they are only required to make an initial deposit to enable the solar install and pay subsequently for the generated power per use. Payments are made weekly or bi-weekly, and its adoption is made simple with our pay-as-you-go metering system.