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Astrum Energy offers a complete range of Solar PV Powered Systems to suit every household, from a room apartment to large duplexes and estates

We have developed and packaged bespoke solar home systems, designed to exceed the highest standard in the solar industry. From 1.5KVA mini power to 150KVA super home solutions, we have got you covered.

We offer these home solutions in parts or in full to suit any home , encourage customers’ pace within budget, with pocket friendly financing and good return on investment

Home Packages

Solar Home Systems

We have various packages available (From 1.5KVA to 150KVA) to suit any home. We offer our clients a range of purchase options, which includes Outright purchase, Consumer financing and pay-as-you-save.

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Solar Inverter Charge Integration

We offer solar Integration with existing inverter system for cost saving, adequate charging and enhanced system reliability.

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Solar Custom Designs

We offer bespoke systems if you require more power, especially for large buildings, estates, service apartments and complexes.

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