The Cost of Solar Power in Nigeria

The most frequently asked question about installing solar systems are related to the cost of solar power. The total cost of a solar energy system is comprised of a number of factors including solar panels, electrical wiring and associated components, racking and mounting hardware, inverters, system monitoring, and labour.

The cost of going solar on your Home or Business is determined by the system size, which is a function of how much power you would like to generate.

While all of these may sound expensive, the truth is that the cost of solar power systems have never been more affordable than now..

In fact, the average cost of a fully installed PV solar system has decreased by more than 45% since 2013. The cost of solar panels alone has decreased by 60% since 2014!.

Cost Savings

Running your home or business with a generator

You are more than aware of the trials and tribulations of using generators to power your home or business on a day-to-day basis. The expense, the maintenance, and the inefficiency will all be familiar problems to you. These generators, on the other hand, have to be kept running continually even when supply demands are light or intermittent, in order to produce an uninterrupted flow of electricity.

More so, a generator only runs at a single speed, so no matter how few the devices it is powering, the amount of fuel used will approximately be the same, costing more over the longer term. This high cost of energy is crippling businesses due to their heavy reliance on diesel generators, and is estimated to add between 30 to 40% to the cost of goods and services. Thus, installing a Solar Power System at your premises is the single best investment any home or business can make. To learn how you can save money with solar energy, contact us now.