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The uncertainty that surrounds the future of electricity prices, and the frustration of paying more and more for power with known consequences of present unclean sources of energy, is driving home and business owners throughout Nigeria and across Africa to produce their own power with solar energy solutions.
We make going solar easy and affordable with over 23 years cumulative experience and bespoke solar designs, packaged to solve present and future energy needs to reduce high power costs associated with residential, business and Rural areas energy demands.

Thanks to innovations in manufacturing, technology and financing, it's now easier and more affordable to go solar. Whichever options you choose from our pocket friendly packages, the result will be the same: clean energy for your home or business, and more money in your pocket for the things you really care about.

Solution for Homes

Astrum Energy offers a complete range of Solar PV Powered Systems to suit every household, from a room apartment to large duplexes and estates. We have developed and packaged bespoke solar home systems, designed to exceed the high... Learn More

Solution for Business

Take control of your energy costs with Nigeria’s #1 solar provider. We deploy highest quality solar PV systems that produce clean sustainable solar power for your business. We stand by our work long after our systems are deployed in your... Learn More

Solution for Rural

At Astrum Energy, we have micro grid as a solution for communities to obtain clean, affordable and sustainable energy within the scope of a single service. It's a microgrid-as-a-service solution that provides communities with a way ... Learn More

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